Film Credits

LaceWars has been involved in a number of film projects stretching back as far as 'Decisive Weapons - the bayonet' for BBC2 in 1996. Generally we are engaged in activities themed around the Jacobite Rebellions but we also participate in works of a more general nature such as the Mike Figgis, Artangel commissioned film about the Miners Strike for Channel 4.

More Recent Film Credits

August 2002

CÚ Loisg Air documentary about the Red Fox Murder produced by Caledonia, Sterne & Wyld, first broadcast on BBC Alba.

May 2007

Culloden Memorial Project film produced by Nobles Gate Ltd for the National Trust for Scotland, broadcast at the refurbished Culloden Visitor Centre.

More photos from the filming can be found here, and video here.

Sept 2009

250th Anniversary of the Battle of Quebec.
Documentary produced by Balista Media for transmission on BBC2.

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