How To Be A Successful National Youth Service Corps NYSC Member

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If you have the aim of furthering or advancing your academic qualification during or immediately after your National Youth Service you are an academic corper. If your focus is to secure a job eventually after the NYSC service, you are also an academic corper. The service year can serve as a great opportunity for you to achieve these goals on a platter of gold. This service year can serve as a platform for academic advancement and prospective job preparation. Most Nigerian universities will require your NYSC discharge certificate before you are cleared to run a post degree programme, whereas, other schools might admit you without the NYSC discharge certificate. My advice is; don't wait until after your service year before you enroll for a post degree programme. Nigerian universities normally issue entry forms a year earlier. That is they issue admission forms for let's say 2011 academic year in 2010. So you always have an extra one year to plan for your academic pursuit. If you can purchase a post degree admission form during your service year, before it is time for admission proper, you will surely be through with your national service.

It is very important that you get all the essential information from your choice school before you purchase the admission form. Please do a lot of planning, especially as regards to timing, location, finance and other engagements. Don't wait any longer, start now. Interestingly, with the trend of globalization most foreign institutions offer online post degree courses. Most of these institutions and their programmes are universally recognized. It is also good to state that considering the increase in the rate of cyber crime one has to ascertain the genuineness of such schools and its courses before enrolling. However, most of them are legitimate. It is the sole responsibility of the corps member to investigate the authenticity of such institution. Gather information on such institution before surrendering your money. Preparation is the mother of manifestation. If you don't prepare for your academic pursuit now you might not stand out from the crowd.

You must not have the same result with the multitude. The top is reserved for a few, and the few are those that prepare for particular challenge or task before they face it. You can use the service year to prepare for your post degree programmes. It is very important to state that you can start studying for your post degree courses now. Enroll for the course; get their scheme of work and their reading materials and start reading immediately. Before the end of your service year, you might have covered the scheme of work. Instead of wasting your time doing nothing, you can prepare for your examination. A corper has an unrestricted access to state and federal libraries nation-wide. You can use this opportunity and become well grounded in your field. Study books and other reading materials relating to your field and become a master or guru in it. There are so many things you were not taught in school, this is your time to study and learn them. You can also develop interest in other fields.

Don't waste your time on irrelevant activities. Instead, study to become versatile and relevant. Most people study just to pass an examination; that's not the best. Study to apply the knowledge you have acquired and not for examination purpose. If you study for the sake of certificate, friend, you might not deliver. You cannot apply knowledge except you have an in-depth understanding of a particular concept. Deep understanding cannot come by cramming or through fire brigade reading approach. It comes through adequate preparation. Early preparations make reading enjoyable. Don't read like an undergraduate seeking to pass an examination, read like a graduate that wants to be a master in a particular field. If you want to be recognized as one of the best students, then early preparation is non-negotiable. An academic corper is a scholar. He reads every educative material that comes his way. He wants to be well informed.