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Men’s 2nd’s Varsity 2018/2019

Date: 2nd March 2019
Venue: Sports Centre and Gym, University of Cambridge

Having lost consecutively for the past few years, the Squirrels were eager to clinch a victory in this year’s Men’s Seconds Varsity match. Our line-up was formidable, with a mix of old and new faces, and a great depth especially in the lower order. Considering the Men’s Blues whitewash win against Cambridge, the Squirrels felt the pressure to perform and continue Oxford’s winning streak, despite the odds already looking in our favour to emerge as overall champions. This year, Cambridge hosted us at their sports centre’s new and pristine glass-backed courts. The occasion produced a turnout rivaling that of the Blues Varsity match at the Royal Automobile Club, which is always great for support and boosting morale. Matches were split into the format of a Seconds and a Thirds Varsity, with 5 players in each of these teams, as well as 3 reserve matches.

The final result was an outstanding one, with our ‘Second’ team winning 3-2, ‘Third’ team winning 5-0, and Reserves winning 2-1. The quality of squash was very high, and difficult to distinguish, even between the top 5 and the reserves, reflecting the strength of both teams this year. Special mentions go out to Aaron and Adam for claiming a ‘bagel’ each from their opponents. Highlights of the day also include Milad getting struck on his eyelid by his opponent’s swing, Sam breaking racket strings twice and Colin’s nerve-racking five-setter leading him to win the MVP trophy. Highlights of the night on the other hand include Isaiah’s mastery of the mysterious feather, Amar’s never ending call for drinks and Felix admitting that he hid his ability to drive for the past 2 years to avoid driving to away matches.

A great outcome for the Squirrels and for Oxford! Thank you to the Cambridge captains (David Roper, Kathryn Evans and Juhi James) and teams for being such good hosts and for organising everything so well. Shout-outs also go to Adam, Colin, Ed and Neja for driving the boys to and from Cambridge! Let’s hope the Seconds Varsity trophy stays in Oxford for the next few years!

The Squirrels win! The Squirrels win!


"Bagelers of the Day" - Adam and Aaron “Bagelers of the Day” – Adam and Aaron


Second Team
1) Edward Burn 0 – 3 Jacob Coxon
2) Isaiah Yeo 0 – 3 Andrew Boyd
3) Adam Bainbridge 3 – 0 Andrew Jeffrey
4) Michael Colin Tierney 3 – 2 Matt Robinson
5) Edward Crookenden 3 – 0 Callum Wilkinson
Third Team
6) Faraaz Khan 3 – 0 Varun Babbar
7) Kharthik Chakravarthy 3 – 0 Max Tan
8) Zachary Brubert 3 – 0 Armaan Kamerkar
9) Felix Andrews 3 – 0 Mark Porter
10) Sam Shah 3 – 0 Book Horsangchai
11) Aaron Singh Hundle 3 – 0 Josh Loyd
12) Milad Jeilani 0 – 3 Noah Porcelli
13) Amar Ghag 3 – 1 Charlie McLean