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An ensemble cast of Men’s and Women’s OUSRC players played host to the GB Vets Club in a new edition to the fixture list for this season.

The GB Vets are a collection of some of the best Over 45 players in Britain, who come together to play fixtures against a variety of clubs and institutions across the country. Fielding combined men’s and women’s teams of 16 each, it proved to be a packed afternoon of squash; it was an achievement just to get all the matches finished in time!

It was difficult to follow all the matches, but the trend seemed to be set by quick and efficient victories for both Oxford and GB Vets. Squirrels players Kharthik Chakravarthy, Mattie Hewlett and Benedict Yorston all cruised to 3-0 victories, while Alice Richards, Alethea Lee and Eve Shenkman suffered 3-0 defeats. James McCouat held off an inspired performance from John Parkes to win 3-0, while Women’s Captain Laura Neill came through in four to put Oxford ahead in the score line. Mandela ‘The Gazelle’ Patrick eased to a 3-0 victory, just as Men’s Captain Tom Trott did the same. Joe ‘The Lone Rat’ Sibley did not fare so well, as he went down 3-0 to the European Over 60s Champion Allen Barwise, who provided a masterclass in tactical awareness to counter Sibley’s superior movement to produce a memorable win for all those watching. As the matches went on however Oxford built an unassailable lead, with the score eventually finishing 11-5 to the OUSRC.

After the match’s conclusion the teams split up to rest before the evening meal at Café Rouge. The GB Vets players enjoyed the Six Nations rugby in one of the many Oxford pubs, and by the time of their arrival to meet the Oxford team for the meal were suitably merry that they brought a lively and cheerful atmosphere with them to the table. It has to be said that the Vets outdid their younger counterparts in both noisiness and merriment, even asking the students for their recommendations for which nightclubs were good on a Saturday night! By the end of the meal the Vets were ready to continue their night onto the nearest pub, while the Oxford team opted to head home. The fixture was thoroughly enjoyable, with a great atmosphere that was sustained throughout the match and meal. The OUSRC looks forward to welcoming the Vets back next year after the inaugural edition of this fixture was such a resounding success. OUSRC’s thanks go to Mike Sauvage for helping so much with accommodation, Café Rouge for once again providing us for a delicious meal, and to Nick Sheppard of GB Vets for making this fixture possible.

Until next Year!