Club Ladder

The OUSRC ladder provides an opportunity for competitive matches between club members of a similar standard. After initial squads are chosen based on the trials at the start of the year, captains will take ladder results into consideration for BUCs re-ranking in January and varsity team selection.

Only OUSRC members can join the ladder. Please indicate whether you wish to be included in it when submitting your membership form. You can opt out or join the ladder at a later date by emailing the members officer.

Ladder rules:
1. Players can challenge other players only up to 5 places above, except for those in the top 10 who have a limited challenge range of 3
2. Players can only have one open challenge at a time.
3. Challenges expire after 7 days. If the match has not been played after 7 days, a walkover-forfeit may be recorded if there was not an honest attempt to play the match by one of the players. If this is disputed the members officer will adjudicate.
4. Matches are played as first to 3 games. The scoring system can be either point-a-rally to 11 (if the score in a game is tied at 10-10, a player must win by 2 clear points) or English to 9 (If the score in a game is tied at 8-8, the player who is not serving at the time can choose whether to play to 9 or 10 points).
5. After playing, enter the score to the online system. If you are unable to (e.g. because the challenge has expired) send an email to the members officer who will update the ladder accordingly.

Rules are subject to change from the committee and may be subject to regulation by club administration.