Karakal – Major Sponsor

OUSRC is proudly sponsored again by Karakal for the 2019-20 season

Karakal aim to provide customers with superior quality racket sport products and the very best in innovative ideas, design and technology. They aim to constantly advance their products through listening to the customers’ requirements and developing new technologies to cater for them, through what they call ‘Evolution by Design’. The company tries to exceed customers’ expectations of product quality, service and expertise. Understandably, Karakal are one of the major players in the squash products industry and its incredible exciting to have their support for Oxford Squash.

In 2019/2020, Karakal will be joining Oxford Squash as one of our major sponsors. Members will have access to an incredible 45% off discount to Karakal equipment via their website and our exclusive discount code! For those that are selected in Oxford squads, Karakal will be supporting us even further!

How to join & claim your discount:

  • Check our their website here: https://www.karakal.com/
  • Use your ‘.ox.ac.uk’ email account to complete the club form for Oxford University Club
  • Karakal will assess your application and approve your access shortly

Once you’re signed up you’ll have exclusive access and frequent deals to make the most of.

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