Club History

The Oxford University Squash Club (OUSRC) was founded in 1925; the year of the first recorded match against Cambridge. Initially the club did not have a central venue for practice sessions and fixtures but had to make use of the facilities of individual colleges. Therefore since the very beginning the club reflected the rich and diverse nature of Oxford University. In 1975 the Rhodes Trust provided the funding for three courts at the Iffley Road University Sport Centre which for the first time provided the OUSRC with the facilities to develop its own identity as the home for Oxford Squash. Students under the supervision of a senior member have always run the club.

The club has aimed to develop squash at Oxford by stimulating interest in the game on an institutional level and developing it at college level by organising the Cuppers and League competitions between different college teams.

In the club’s 90-year history, there have been 88 Men’s Varsity matches against Cambridge, of which Oxford has won 41 and Cambridge 47. The matches were suspended during the Second World War from 1939-1945.

In the early 1990’s an Alumni network in the UK was set-up. We want to enlarge our alumni network to include more international members as we have lost touch with a number of Old Blues who have gone abroad or returned to their countries since leaving the University.

The OUSRC remains the focus of squash in Oxford; its history is rich with tales of legendary Varsity matches, International players and eccentrics whose shared interest is a love of this remarkable game. The current squad is determined to play its part in maintaining the traditions of squash at one of the world’s top universities.