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Racism Awareness, Hate Crime & Discrimination Session

Wed, 17 Feb 2021 14:00- 15:30

An introduction to the subject, suitable for the community, professionals and volunteers alike.

Workshop content

· The prevalence of hate crime

· Equality Law in the UK

· The 4 types of discrimination

· How to identify discrimination

· What a hate incident is and what a hate crime is

· Cases of hate crime and how they have impacted UK legislation

· Current legislation around hate crime

· How to identify hate crime

· How hate crime affects people

· Ongoing challenges in relation to hate crime

· Barriers to reporting hate crime / incidents

· How third party centres support victims

· The importance or reporting & how to report

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Support for Community Buildings

Below you will find links to a series of useful PDF documents on issues including Health & Safety Guidance and Insurance which are available for reference and for use when planning to re-open a community building.

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