BEFRIENDING SERVICE – Because sometimes we could all use a friend to talk to and someone to help break up the day.

Domestic services– if you needs some practical help around the house then give us a call

Correspondence services-sometimes talking on the phone or understanding letters can be tricky. I can help you to understand bills, set up direct debits and help with any other correspondence that needs action making it simple. I can also help you fill in any forms that need your attention.

Well being visits-If your going away or travel for work and have someone you care about at home its difficult to stop worrying about them. I can do a well being visit to check everything is OK, provide reminders about medications, food, appointments etc to help put your mind at rest

Homecoming Help– This service is designed to help those coming home from hospital. Making sure you have enough milk, shopping and help to get settled back in.

Chaperone Service– If your going somewhere new? perhaps your friend or family member can’t make it but you don’t want to go alone then i could help chaperone you. It always helps to go with someone you know.

Travel issues– If you have a doctors appointment and cant get there or you don’t want to bother a friend or family then why not ask me to help.