Audi Dudie

The Audi Dude’s a special breed,

That isn’t hard to see.

They drive A4’s and stuff like that,

But mostly the A3.

There was a time when Audi folks

Were not the type to trouble you,

When did they take the Loony’s Crown,

Away from BMW?

They should, by law, be made to learn

A special highway code,

Meant just for them so other folk

Feel safer on the road.

An idiot’s guide with simple rules

– The red light stands for “stop”,

So when pedestrians cross the road.

You shouldn’t take a pop.

Stopping is quite possible Without last minute braking,

The inside lane on motorways

Ain’t just for undertaking.

Whilst on the phone and switching lanes,

Remember whilst you talk,

That Audis do have indicators On a little stalk.

Think on whilst playing racing games,

You barmy pedal pumper,

It’s stupid doing eighty

Just a foot off someone’s bumper.

What on earth is that about?

When all is done and said,

For all the crazy stunts you’ve pulled

You’re just two cars ahead.

So ask yourself before you make

Another killer move,

What flips that switch inside your head?

What are you trying to prove?