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We all need recognition and a ‘pat on the back’ as it’s the very thing that keeps us motivated. In a market that is often critical of ‘the drivers’ wouldn’t it be great to allow them to prove their self worth whilst giving you, the employer, the ability to demonstrate accurately to your clients that they are getting the very best of your workforce?

The demand for HGV drivers has never been greater and with the widely broadcast issues relating to an ageing workforce and problems in attracting ‘fresh blood’ an obvious first step would be to engage, motivate and retain the existing drivers and ensure that they are delivering the best service possible.

ProfileMyDriver was created to enable accurate profiling of a driver whilst engaging with them and giving them the ability to demonstrate their ‘self-worth’. By giving a value to the existing driver workforce will give aspiration to ‘the new recruits’ that the market needs – together lets create a positive, engaged and motivated driver market in order to promote the positive aspects of becoming an HGV driver.

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App Features

Utilising mobile technology our cloud-based software extracts key data from your drivers’ smart phone to create a ‘meaningful’ profile that allows both client and driver to demonstrate simply how well that driver performs and areas that require retraining. Our product ensures compliancy, efficiency and reliability to help maintain the best possible workforce.
The key areas of data that create the ProfileMyDriver score are:

  • Compilance with EU and WTD Regulations

    Our product measures all aspects of the EU Driving Regulations and WTD regarding driving time, breaks, rest and spread to ensure the driver remains updated in real-time and advised of any infringements on a daily basis.

  • Our algorithms calculate dynamic data measured by the smartphones internal gyro to measure and advise on all incidents of harsh acceleration, braking and lateral G- Forces from cornering to ensure that your driver is always driving carefully and efficiently.
  • Maintaining a ‘healthy’ driving licence is key to your drivers’ success. Our product will both advise the driver of the posted speed limit for his category of vehicle and audibly advise if that speed limit is exceeded.
  • Your contracts probably depend on you delivering a reliable solution to your clients. ProfileMyDriver has a unique function that enables you to both measure reliability and be proactive in providing a replacement for your clients in the instances when a driver fails to report for duty. Our product has a booking facility that enables you to push data relating to the drivers’ assignment. Once the driver has accepted that assignment you will have visual confirmation that your driver has arrived on time.
  • The data collected from the above is analysed to create a ‘meaningful score’ for your driver. You have access to a ‘user friendly’ dashboard that easily enables you to ‘drill down’ into each metric giving a clear insight into that drivers performance over a daily, weekly or any custom period that you wish.

    ProfileMyDriver enables you to ‘unlock your drivers true potential’

Thinking behind ProfileMyDriver

‘Unlock your drivers true potential’

The so called ‘gig economy’ has seen the temporary self-employed driver market soar with more than 45,000 HGV drivers on our roads. Often these drivers feel undervalued and disengaged and whilst most are professional and compliant they rarely earn recognition for being the best. Profilemydriver allows you to unlock your drivers true potential enabling both agency and driver to clearly demonstrate a historical view of 5 key metrics all pulled together to create a meaningful score. This driver profile ensures you have a compliant workforce and identifies areas for training whilst giving the driver a true feeling of self worth.

The ProfileMyDriver App

The ProfileMyDriver App will soon be available for Android and iOS devices.

iOS and Android

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