“Rubionix combines crafting with industrial process, all powered by aesthetic insight and a feel for the natural.”

Pre-ageing and 2C formulation on our Origin Plank Flooring.

We create finished products and component formulations for flooring, joinery and finishing professionals. Our platform is based around the chemistry of Rubio and years of experience and experimentation.

We understand that the finish of a product is what the client is buying into when making their selection. Originality and difference is what drive many purchasing decisions and ths is that where innovation and crafting create the foundation.

Our finishing formulations can be created in the workshop, factory or on site by professionals and experienced craftspeople. The finished products are marketed through Origin Decorative.

Purchasing machinery or buying base oils and finishes can be done by anyone, but combining these elements to decorate and protect a surface with flair is a different challenge. Experimentation and the freedom to express an idea is what leads to a successful and beautiful surface creation.

Explore the world of wood finishing with Rubionix.