Environmental Statement

Sanco  acknowledges that our projects have a significant impact on the environment. We work hard to reduce our waste and endeavour to adopt and implement superior standards of practice to prevent, reduce and recycle the materials used during our projects.

Our aim is to:
* Identify and implement the environmental legislation, standards and codes of practice that relates to the Company’s activities.
* Evaluate and take measures to reduce our carbon footprint
* Consistently improve our environmental performance through effective communication, provision of staff training and endorsement of the best techniques available
* Execute measures to prevent pollution
* Ensure that environmental protection is borne in mind during the acquisition of goods and services
* Respect neighbours and local businesses by minimizing the impact that our activities, sites and premises have on local communities
* Use sub-contractors who share our environmental policies.
* Regularly service our machinery and switch them off when not in use to control pollution
* Manage power and energy saving
* Manage fumes and dust generated on site
* Encourage positive use of surplus or waste materials
* Waste is disposed of in accordance with the Environmental Agency

Quality Policy Statement

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