Sustainability Policy

Sanco is duty bound to minimise our impact on society and the natural environment throughout the duration of each contract, and ensure that all staff are fully aware of our Sustainability Policy and are committed and obligated to implementing and improving it.

Our commitment to being a creditworthy and proficient business means that we administer our activities according to scrupulous ethical, professional and legal standards. All work is carried out with positive consideration to the needs of the traders, businesses, site personnel, visitors, pedestrians, the general public and the environment in general.

Objectively, we aim to keep neighbouring residents and businesses fully informed of works which will affect their homes or businesses and impact their day to day lives. We ensure that noise, dust and vibrations on our building sites are kept to a minimum, in order to prevent disruption to our neighbours. Additionally, we endeavour to feasibly utilise local labour to assist the community with finding employment.

We develop low carbon options whenever practicable for our customers and encourage them to choose non-toxic, sustainable design, materials and construction methods. We also promote measures to recycle and minimise waste, and endeavour to use longer-lasting and better-functioning products will have to be replaced less frequently, thereby, reducing the impacts of producing the replacements and future installation cost.

All employees are encouraged to adopt eco-friendly practices, such as switching off unused lights and electrical equipment. Employees are further encouraged to refrain from printing out documents unless absolutely necessary, and to use both sides of the paper if they do, however, e-mail is favoured as a preferred option of communication.

Quality Policy Statement

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